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30 Mar 1970 (Edad: 47)
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United States
Telecom Engineer

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Corey Benjamin Taylor

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    Fecha de nacimiento:
    30 Mar 1970 (Edad: 47)
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    United States
    Telecom Engineer
    Hey there guys, I'm Corey B. Taylor.

    I came all the way down to Ryohnosuke's forum, I'm actively working with third parties companies and R&D centers for DAARPA Spectrum Challenge as a Consultant, also working with Cambium, Ceragon, RAD, and of course Siklu, and last but no least, Mikrotik & Ubiquiti Equipment Passive and Active RF Systems.

    Currently working with Siklu as a TPC (Transmission Packet Core Engineer)

    Any question will be marked as possitive.

    In case you guys wanna know little bit about me, did the maths for ya, and take myself some time to put together my resume just so you know guys, so here's is my back up.

    --California, CA92408--

    Professional Summary
    Worked for performance enhancing RF operations using KPI's on LTE and UMTS technologies, using tools such as.QXDM, MCOM, ACTIX, EDAT, MapInfo, TEMS Discovery, Nemo, Mentum Planet.Will put more bullets.Will put more bullets.
    Worked for performance enhancing RF operations using KPI's on LTE and UMTS technologies, using tools such as QXDM, MCOM, ACTIX, EDAT, MapInfo, TEMS Discovery, Nemo, Mentum Planet

    Experience managing project deliverables.

    25 years of experience in Telecom field.
    Work History
    03/2013 to Current
    RF Engineer AT&T – Sillicon Valley, CA
    • Support market lead engineers for planning exercises ranging from Capacity Trigger evaluation using Mapinfo to Traffic & Capacity studies using congestion and blocking data in conjunction with the Build plan & utilization and traffic engineering data.
    10/2012 to 01/2013
    RF Engineer MetroPCS – Tampa, FL
    • Supported three to six sector conversion project.
    • Scope of work included site propagation predition using Mentum planet 5.4, script generation, and post conversion optimization through network statistics (counters, and truecall) and data analysis tools such as TEMS discovery professional.
    • Generated PN plan for new sectors.
    • Scrubbed neighbors for sites to be converted, prepared site and neighbor scripts.
    • Maintained accuracy of site info for six sector sites in planet data manager (antenna type, tilts, azimuth).
    • Reviewed line sweeps for sites to be converted and identified issues with jumpers, connectors or mainline that could impact site performance.
    • Checked network stats after sector split to optimize neighbor relations based on live traffic.
    • Added missing neighbors and prioritized/optimized neighbor relations to minimize handover failures and improve HO performance.
    • Identified cells with high block and drop rates, high soft handoff, then verified that these cells were transmitting as planned, recommen.
    03/2012 to 07/2012
    LTE Optimization Engineer ALU, Avion Systems – Atlanta, GA
    • Managed technicians for AT&T LTE deployment project in Knoxville, TN.
    • This was the first trial markets where a vendor performed both integration and SSDs.
    • Received training on site integration, basic troubleshooting (power plant issues, identifying faulty fiber), and External alarm testing for AT&T eNodeBs (RBS6000).
    • Managed daily integration schedule as well as Site Shake Down (SSD) schedule.
    • Documenting and reporting issues such as high RSSI, missing hardware, faulty fiber/connection, RSSI issues to Ericsson IM; TX imbalance, swapped sectors, low throughput to RF PM).
    03/2012 to 09/2012
    LTE Optimization Engineer Avion Systems – Atlanta, GA
    • ALU Mar-12 - Sep-12 Performed drive data analysis for Pre-Launch LTE sites for a rural service provider.
    • Verified PCI, DL/UL throughput, verified handovers, defined neighbors (No ANR feature), and recommended missing neighbors if the latter caused handover failures.
    • Analyzed coverage to identify sites that are overshooting, sites with weak coverage zones, areas with pilot pollution, or areas that lack a dominant server.
    • Provided tilt recommendations to reduce excessive pilot overlap and excessive handovers which may have a negative impact on throughput due to data interrupts during handover process.
    • Identified throughput inconsistencies and assisted during troubleshooting.
    • i.e in cases where it could be backhaul issue affecting throughput.
    • Performed layer three analyses of RRC drops and access failures with lucent EDAT and ACTIX.
    • Compiled KPI reports, Generated GNG report through actix with GNG Full LTE package.
    • Investigated customer trouble tickets (dropped connections, coverage.
    01/2010 to 07/2012
    Project Manager/Technical Lead Avion Systems – Atlanta, GA
    • Avion Systems Jan-10 - Jul-12 Managed RF Drive testing, RF Optimization and LTE RBS6000 integration projects.
    • Responsible for quality management, strategic planning of drive team/Site tech/RF resources and customer relations for all RF projects at Avion Systems (AT&T, ALU, Ericsson, Verizon, T-Mobile), Provided technical support to sales team.
    • RF optimization and Drive testing projects
    01/2010 to 02/2012
    RF EngineerALU/Ericsson – Atlanta, GA
    • Pre-Launch and Post-Launch processing of TEMS and Agilent data on Actix.
    • Generated GNG reports for cluster drives.
    • For tuning drives, defined neighbors prior to drive test, performed parameter alignment audit between pre-launch carriers and live carriers in same band (CPICH power, MaxTxPower).
    • Provided cell classification parameter recommendations for achieving optimal traffic distribution between UMTS Layers and GSM network.
    • Performed RF Coverage analysis, identified swap sectors, areas with pilot pollution, overshooting cells and provided tilt recommendations to contain their propagation for optimal coverage overlap.
    • Analyzed layer 3 protocol messages for voice and data to identify reason for failures and made recommendations to address them where applicable (missing neighbor, interference, lack of dominance, challenging terrain, SC collisions, Site alarms, AF due to MSC data fill mismatch, congestion).
    • Identified failures that are not network related, but are due to kit set up such as test.
    10/2008 to 01/2010
    Drive Team CoordinatorAvion Systems Inc – Atlanta, GA
    • Responsible for Quality Assurance of drive testing operation for Avion's customer (Ericsson, ALU, Tmobile, Verizon LTE).
    • Coordinated drive testing activities for 50 teams in several markets throughout the US for both post launch and prelaunch.
    • Trained teams on using both Agilent and TEMS drive testing platforms.
    • Provided support to drive teams regarding issues pertaining to the software platform used for Air interface testing.
    • Identified network issues and advised the team accordingly to make sure we time went towards performing drives rather than troubleshooting kit when problem was not equipment related.
    • Served as main point of contact between project managers, market leads, UTRAN support, and DT teams.
    07/2006 to 12/2006
    Associate RF EngineerPrithvi Information Solutions – Cleveland, OH
    • Performed RF Drive Testing using Agilent and TEMS.
    • Verified Radio quality (BLER, SIR, SQI and BER) requirement on several different radio services.
    • Verified Handover Functionality Performance.
    • Identified major call-related problems (Dropped calls, Blocked calls, hardware problems etc.).
    • Performed testing for IRAT/IFHO.
    Bachelor of Science: Electrical Engineering
    Cleveland State University - Cleveland, OH
    Associate of Science: Science
    Cuyahoga Community College - Cleveland, OH
    • Worked for performance enhancing RF operations using KPI's on LTE and UMTS technologies, using tools such as.
    • QXDM, MCOM, ACTIX, EDAT, MapInfo, TEMS Discovery, Nemo, Mentum Planet.
    • Will put more bullets.
    • Will put more bullets.


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